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Digital Humanities in Ottoman and Turkish Studies: 
Initiatives, Projects, and Online Sources

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We organized the Program in Digital Humanities in Ottoman and Turkish Studies to hold an open forum for faculty and graduate students across Humanities and Social Sciences, but also electrical engineering and computer science, to meet and share our insights and experiences in digital humanities during this unprecedented year. 


Digital humanists integrate a "humanities perspective" with "computational methods." They apply these new computational methods to handle vast amounts of material, opening up new patterns and insights across sources beyond what a single researcher or even a group of researchers can accomplish.


In this program, we introduced collaborative, team-based humanities and social sciences projects that fuse the strengths of humanities research with those of computer and information science to promote greater understanding of diverse human experiences.


In our first panel, Fatma Aladağ, the founder and coordinator of the Digital Ottoman Studies Platform  and Dr. Yunus Uğur, the project leader, introduced the idea behind launching the platform and talked about a few DH projects that they initiated together.


In our second panel, Dr. Wittmann, the Acting Director of the Orient-Institut Istanbul (OII), shared some of the digital humanities projects we have launched at OII, while Dr. Judith I. Haug, the Acting Deputy Director, and Prof. Ralf Jäger, the director of the international and interdisciplinary DFG long-term research project “Corpus Musicae Ottomanicae” introduced the CMO project based in Münster, Bonn, and Istanbul.


Hopefully this program can connect faculty and researchers to new tools, resources, and to each other.